Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party- Rawrsome!

My daughter LOVES dinosaurs. Like really really loves Dinosaurs. She constantly talks about them, roars like the dinosaurs, wants to watch every dinosaur kid movie, and constantly has some sort of dinosaur toy in her hand.

So when I started planning her 2nd birthday, I already knew that it was going to be dinosaur themed! Lucky for me, there were plenty of other posts on Pinterest with ideas and inspiration of what others have done that helped me pull together her party.

In November I sent out the invitations and created a Facebook invite for everyone to plan for her party. Her birthday is January 2nd so things get easily lost in the chaotic shuffle of the holidays. We picked dinosaur themed party invitations and she loved them when she saw them!

I found the invitations on Amazon and got 20 invitations and envelopes for $10 with Prime shipping!

I found the majority of the decorations on Amazon and what I couldn’t find on Amazon, I found online with Hobby Lobby and Target. I kept a list of what I was wanting to do and what I still needed to get. I saved pins that I knew I would use, instead of pinning everything I liked. This helped me to stay focused on what I needed to buy and what I was putting together. There are a lot of cute ideas but this mom of 2 under 2 did not have time to try to make a queso volcano (super cool though, look it up!) or go into detail with frosting cookies or fancy cupcakes. I tried to keep everything realistic with what I could get done in a short period of time the day before.

I made a food list of foods that I wanted to have at the party and went by some ideas I had found online as well. I wanted the names to be dinosaur themed so I had to get creative. Below is the full list of what we had and what names I used. If you google dinosaur themed food labels you can find some other blogs that have free templates you can use, that’s where my husband found these!

Food Names:

Watering Hole (water bottles in drink tub)

Swamp Juice (tea)

Lava Juice (Hawaiian punch)

Fossils (dinosaur shaped sugar cookies)

Tyrannosaurus Tails (chocolate dipped pretzel rods)

Sweetasaurus (cupcakes)

Boiling Lava (queso)

Prehistoric Dirt (dirt dessert)

Dino Eggs (grapes, could use cherry tomatoes)

Spicysaurus Enchiladas (Green chile chicken enchiladas)

Pterodactyl Nuggets (Dino nuggets)

Triceratots (Tater tots)

Brontosaurus Bones (pretzels)

Raptor Claws (Bugels)

Spinosaurus Scales (Potato Chips)

Stego Chips (Tortilla Chips)

I found a set of toy dinosaurs with fake trees on Amazon and used them for the dirt dessert as well as other random decorations along the tables. The plates and napkins I found at Target. The cups I decorated myself with some adhesive foam dinosaur stickers that I found on Amazon- these came in handy and I made my own treat bags for the kids that attended!

Plastic cups decorated with foam adhesive dinosaur stickers from Amazon
Plates and napkins from Target. Foam adhesive dinosaur stickers used to decorate the napkin and utensil bins

Created a “2” out of dinosaur foot prints (purchased a decoration kit on Amazon that included some, I used one as a template to trace it onto colored paper). Box was used on the gift table but could be placed outside to let guests know where the party is.
Thank you goodies bag created with the adhesive dinosaur stickers on gift bags I already had

Overall I was able to pull everything together and it turned out really cute! My daughter had a blast and it was a roaring good time for everyone!

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  1. These ideas and details are so cute! I had a dinosaur themed baby shower for my son and it was so much fun. Pinning these ideas for a future birthday party!

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