50 Fun Things To Do At Home

Alright, so you’re stuck at home for a few weeks, why not make the best of it? Below are some fun things you can do to keep yourself and your family entertained.

  1. Classic board games- Monopoly, Scrabble, Clue, Life
  2. Pictionary or Charades
  3. Video Game marathon- challenge your family to the highest score or engage your mind with puzzle games like Tetris
  4. Hopscotch- grab a piece of chalk or cut out the number squares on paper and have fun! Great way to get smaller kids up and moving.
  5. Tic Tac Toe
  6. Hangman
  7. Hide and Seek
  8. Build a fort using tables and chairs
  9. Play a murder mystery game
  10. Red Rover- another great one for smaller kids
  11. Karaoke party
  12. Fashion Dress Up Party
  13. King or Queen for the day- draw sticks to decide who will be the king or queen for the day. That person gets to pick what everyone does for the day.
  14. TV Show Live- have a favorite tv show? Let each person pick which character they want to be and have fun pretending you’re on the show as that character. For me, I would be on Friends and I might be Ross, going around telling everyone WE WERE ON A BREAK! Get creative and come up with a storyline before starting so each character has time to think about their role. Want to make it even more fun- have them pick out outfits for their character and let them get into the zone!
  15. Hula Hoop
  16. Jump rope
  17. Dance Party
  18. Tag
  19. Simon Says
  20. Twister
  21. Zumba videos (YouTube has some great videos)
  22. Yoga
  23. Stretching
  24. Ride a bike
  25. Go for a walk or a run
  26. Paint- rocks, canvas, picture frames- there are a ton of things you could update with a little bit of paint
  27. Draw or color
  28. Crochet/Knit/Sew
  29. Scrapbook or organize photo albums
  30. Create a photo collage
  31. Photography- find random things to take pictures of around the house or in the yard
  32. Paper machete
  33. Write in a journal daily
  34. Read a new genre or a new book
  35. Write a poem
  36. Write a letter to your future self about what you’re currently feeling
  37. Read a new blog
  38. Read a biography and make notes on what else you would like to know about that person
  39. Look up daily writing prompts and write a short story
  40. Write a comic strip
  41. Write a wish list of things you want to accomplish, places you want to visit, short term and long term goals
  42. Create a bucket list
  43. Thankful list- write down something you’re thankful for every day
  44. Movie Marathon– so many good ones to choose from! Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of The Rings, Fast and Furious https://www.theodysseyonline.com/25-movie-marathons-you-need-complete
  45. Online virtual tours of museums
  46. Facebook live videos- look for zoos, aquariums, and other animal sanctuaries that may have live videos or cameras that you can watch animals on
  47. Educational or how to videos- learn how to cook something new or learn a new art technique.Do it yourself tutorials- YouTube is a good source and you can find videos to help you work on those lingering honey do lists
  48. Music Videos- YouTube is a great source for music videos and there are so many options. My toddlers love CocoMelon which has cute characters that sing nursery rhymes. You can also select a music playlist that has already been created or you can look for new cover bands
  49. Binge watch a new show- Netflix has a lot of binge worthy shows to check out and now that there are so many other streaming services you have a plethora of options to choose from
  50. Online games- a great way to keep your mind engaged while interacting with others. Find a competitive game to make it even more fun and challenging!

Things that aren’t necessarily fun but will feel good to get them done:

  1. Deep clean the house- dust, vacuum, and wash all of the places that tend to get overlooked (baseboards, curtains, blinds, vents)
  2. Clean out the pantry and get rid of any expired goods
  3. Clean out the fridge & freezer and wipe down each shelf and drawer, get rid of any expired or freezer burned goods
  4. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  5. Replace water filters
  6. Go through closets and pull out any clothes or shoes that haven’t been worn in 6-12 months and put them in a bag to be donated
  7. Have children go through their toys and select ones they no longer play with that can be donated
  8. Clean out linen closet and pull out any old or never used items- towels, blankets, sheets, etc. Most of these items can be donated to local animal shelters or homeless shelters.
  9. Clean out kitchen cabinets and drawers, pull out items that are no longer used. These can be donated as well.

Other things that you can do to help make it feel less stir crazy while you’re at home:

1. Get food to go from your favorite restaurant-There are plenty of food delivery apps that you can use to get it delivered to your house, or you can go pick it up curbside (if they offer that service)

2. Online shopping- there are a lot of stores that will allow you to shop online and pick it up at the store within a few hours. This lets you shop while being safe at home and limiting the time that you are in public at the store. This is really helpful for groceries!

3. Spend time outside. Even if it’s sitting in your front yard, allow yourself some time each day to go outside and get some fresh air.

4. Open windows and doors to let the fresh air flow through the house.

5. Buy gift certificates to your favorite restaurants or stores to help them during this time. They get the money from the sale right away and you can enjoy using it once things are better.

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